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Featured Yogi: Everyone Loves Brad Keimach

By Ashley Beasley
After two months of not practicing yoga, I finally made it to a class.  Brad’s class, I thought, would be the perfect way to ease back into things.  And I was right.  No matter your skill level, Brad greets you with a warm welcome and a kooky smile.  His personality suggests a refined, cultured and polite upbringing with a heart full of joy and a sense of humor to match.

His personal suggestions to you in class on alignment and way of being are just that, personal.  Brad will calmly approach you and ask that he may make a suggestion in a voice that is only audible to you.

Brad Keimach’s flow is basic and slow moving, but that doesn’t mean you don’t sweat.  Even in the 2/3 level class, he holds true to basic Vinyasa style flow, probably slower than you’re used to and reminds you throughout the class to breathe deeply and audibly, a practice I don’t often find enough of.

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