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Abbot Kinney Fest 2011 Music Guide

By Ashley Beasley

Props to whomever booked the music for this year’s fast-approaching Abbot Kinney Fest, happening on Sunday, September 25.

There are a lot of acts playing and a mile long street on which on which to see them.  Here’s a quick review of some of the must-sees, so you can plan accordingly:

Thundercat is the alias for Steve Bruner, the ex-basist for Suicidal Tendencies.  While this fact alone may peak your curiosity to hear him live, his music will leave you no less curious. Call it experimental future jazz with astral breakbeats.  FYI, his most recent album was produced by Los Angeles dub and cut-hop maven, Flying Lotus.

Mia Doi Todd, a L.A. based prolific singer-songwriter, has been releasing albums since 1997.  Her honey like voice can remind you of a warm summer breeze and bring you to tears all in the same album.  Todd’s new album, Cosmic Ocean Ship, has a light and lovely bossa feel.

Dumbfoundead is a L.A. based freestyle battle rapper.  His sound is well produced, the beats are tight and his flow, overtly clever.  Make sure to check this one out: Continue reading


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Feist’s Secret Show @ the Del Monte Speakeasy

By Ashley Beasley

Four-time Grammy award nominee and eight-time Juno award-winning folk-rock artist, Feist, played the Del Monte Speakeasy in Venice Friday night, preempting her forthcoming new album, Metals (available October 4, 2011).

News spreads fast in L.A. Tweets leaked the news beginning early afternoon on Friday and even Feist, herself did not tweet the show’s existence until around 6pm.

Even so, by 9pm, accounts of 250 or more were lined up outside of The Townhouse, the bar that owns the speakeasy, below, waiting to be let in.  Townhouse patrons simply looking for a quick drink were unable to get into the bar, due to crowds waiting to enter the Del Monte Speakeasy.

Aside from the many standing outside, there were still more fans inside who were unable to get downstairs, where the show was taking place.

“I didn’t actually get to see her because she was downstairs. but it was really packed and I heard it was so packed and hot that people kept leaving just to get some air,” Jordan Mena said of the stuffy conditions at the bar.

The show kicked off around 10:30pm with a set list starting with Commotion, a song off her new album.

Even though people were hot, the air was stuffy and at times the Townhouse’s music interfered with Feist’s set, Feist’s spirited live performance and command of the room overshadowed all else, according to

Not to mention, the secret show only cost $5, which is the regular price of admission to the Del Monte.  This show, may in fact be a sign of hotter things to come from the Del Monte.


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