Historic Venice Post Office Under Fire

By Ashley Beasley

The VNC is now having meetings concerning the relocation of the historic Venice Post Office on Windward Circle.

The relocation is more of a consolidation of the post office and the much more spacious postal distribution center just 400 feet away on Grand Ave.

VNC and historical society are less concerned about inconveniences to postal customers than they are about preserving the integrity of the building on Windward.

Aside from the building itself being more than 70 years old, the mural inside it, painted by Edward Biberman depicts “The Story of Venice” and was part of a project funded by Roosevelt’s New Deal to produce public works projects across the United States.

In all honesty, I think consolidating the post office is a good idea, but we as Venetians need to have a solid plan to keep the building and the mural in tact as a living part of our community, such as a community center.

What ideas do you have for our historical building? How can we save the Venice Post Office? Please share your ideas in the comments section.



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